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Literacy Narrative Essay Reflection


This essay was my first ever college essay, so by default it was important to me. It showed how much I grew throughout the semester, and it showed my growth from my high school classes. This was a rather fun essay to write, because I got to write about something only I know about, me, and my experiences. I choose to write a rather deep story, as stories like that are very easy for me to write about, mainly because I hate talking out loud about these sorts of things. This essay made me develop my writing style, and how to write in a sophisticated way while still remaining true to myself. This essay was fun and educational, as it taught me how to do everything correct in an essay from the grammar, format, etc. Hope you enjoyed reading my story!  


Exploratory Essay Reflection

Writing this essay made me realize the importance of having and citing sources when trying to produce an argument. The more sources you have, the more credible you seem. As this was not a paper that required a personal stance, it still was interesting to read up on papers and articles that did. My overall topic is something that’s very important to me, which is why writing about it was fairly simple. The hard part however, was remaining neutral when I just wanted to blast my opinion. This class in general is teaching me how to become a better writer. By having me cite and look for accurate sources, it helps me recognize what makes a good source versus a bad one. From a young age we were taught that wikipedia is bad, but we never really learned about other sources that could potentially hold false information. This is why it’s important to be taught right from wrong when it comes to sources, especially when you’re using them for school and work. It’s also important to have this knowledge for life in general, so you know the information you’re reading is correct. I genuinely liked writing this paper, as i mentioned previously i’m passionate about the topic, and it was interesting to read up on it more. The personal stories that people shared about my topic is extremely powerful, and I think it is something that more people should be aware of, and should take the time to read. Overall I appreciate this assignment, as it helped me gain knowledge, through a topic that I enjoyed reading about.

Researched Critical Analysis Reflection

This paper was our final paper of the semester, so by default it was the most challenging. It was interesting to take the information we had already gathered in the exploratory essay, and be able to develop our on viewpoints. For me personally the exploratory essay was challenging, because I wasn’t able to have an opinion throughout the paper, so now that I got to do this in my researched critical analysis I feel more confident in how my paper turned out. My paper holds my voice more, while not taking the spotlight away from the other authors I discovered in my research and decided to use in my paper. This paper helped me develop skills such as how to find proper sources, and how to cite them correctly. It also taught me how to create an opinion, and how to find valid facts that back up my opinion. It taught me how to tell the difference between genuine facts and fake news, and overall it just helped me learn how to argue in a sophisticated and factual way.

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